The process of using the car


    1. Come down to any of our branches to do registering. (Jurong and Serangoon)
      1. Hirer must be 22 years old and more than 2 years driving experience
      2. do not require deposit if currently employed with CPF contribution
      3. $300 deposit require for self-employed and unemployed
    2. Place a security deposit of $100.
    3. Member enjoy $10 (usual price $70) off the usual daily rental or $30 (usual price $230) off weekend rental (not applicable for promotion rate).
    4. Jurong Auto Car Rental
      Blk 348, Jurong East Ave 1, #01-1253, Singapore 600348.
      Tel/WhatsApp: 8588 3077

      1E, Yio Chu Kang Road, Singapore 545511.
      Tel/WhatsApp: 8588 3088

      Booking of Vehicle

    5. Call/ WhatsApp 85883058 to check on availability of car and reserve the period of hire.
    6. Transfer the rental fee amount in full to DBS Current Account 019-904-0075.
    7. WhatsApp to 85883058 to inform us on the transfer. Please take a snapshot of the Transfer Slip and WhatsApp to us.
    8. We will check and WhatsApp to you on the confirmation of rental fee received and confirmation of the vehicle booking. (Please note that vehicle will NOT be reserved until you receive our confirmation reply.)
    9. If you do not receive our reply after 30min, kindly give us a call to check.

    10. Collection of Vehicle

    11. On the date and time of the reservation, proceed to the assigned car. (Please note that the rental will start on the time of reservation and not the time the car is unlocked.)
    12. The company reserves the right to replace the assigned vehicle with another in the same category.
    13. Upon reaching the assigned car,
      1. Call us at 85883058,
      2. the car doors will be unlocked,
      3. car key will be inside the car at the ignition key hole,
      4. check the car according to the car checklist in the glove compartment,
      5. take 5 photos as per required (4 corners of the car and fuel gauge)
    14. WhatsApp the 5 photos to 85883058,
    15. IMPORTANT: if we do not receive the photos within 5 mins from the unlocked timing, we will align the photos of previous hirer as accurate,
    16. Do NOT insert cash card for 1st exit after you took the car.
    17. Enjoy your drive!

    18. Returning of Vehicle

    19. Return the car to the allocated lots. (No refund for early return, late charges apply for returning late. Vehicle will be considered returned only after the completion of Step 7.
    20. Before turning off the engine, ensure gear shift lever is at P position, parking brake engaged and, headlights are switched off,
    21. Take the 6 photos as per required (4 corners of the car, fuel gauge and key location)
    22. WhatsApp the 6 photos to 85883058,
    23. Call us at 85883058 to confirm that we have received the photos, locked the car and we will confirm the Trip End Time.
    24. Ensure the car is locked.

    25. Penalties

    26. Late return will be charged at $10 per 30 min starting from the 1st min from supposed returned timing.
    27. Fuel shortage will be charged at $20 per 1/8 bar of shortage excluding an admin cost of $30.
    28. Damage to Vehicle will be charged based on case to case basis. Please call us at 85883058 and WhatsApp the photos of the damage parts to us. We will advise you on the reporting procedure and the relevant charges involved.
    29. Please help to maintain the cleanliness of the car for the benefit of all the Hirers. If the vehicle is found to be dirty, we may charge cleanliness fee according to the cleanliness level.